Marketing audit

Most companies regularly conduct a financial audit, but how many conduct a marketing audit? A full review of your company‚Äôs marketing and communication really helps to understand where your business is from a marketing efficiency perspective. Through reviewing issues such as: customers and your target audience; your competitors; the market place in general and your internal situation and KPI’s you will be more informed about the success/failure and challenges of previous marketing activities. This information is invaluable in helping you to develop a successful marketing strategy and highlights what you will need to deliver to ensure you meet your business objectives. A marketing audit is often used by a company reviewing its business strategy and helps inform the management with invaluable customer and market insights, vital to help set realistic business objectives, it is recommended in the event of a market entry but also to reassess a current market.

Aspects covered in a typical marketing audit:

A SWOT and PESTLE analysis

Customer and prospects report

Competitor analysis on the target market

Suggestions of KPI’s measuring marketing related goals

Local media landscape and prices for chosen market

List of marketing channels suitable for your business in a specific market

List of marketing partners suitable for your business in a specific market