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All companies will at some point face challenges that require qualified advice from an experienced commercial lawyer. The solutions should be suited to the company’s reality and should be applicable in the specific situation that has arisen. The need to quickly get hold of information that is not just correct, but which can also be used commercially within one’s own organisation is constantly increasing. Commercial advice should therefore be practical, and not just theoretical. We can assist your business with:

  • Setting up foreign and domestic companies and branches
  • Restructuring and building of capital groups together with designing profit distribution and operations schemes
  • Creation, transformation and liquidation of capital, personal and civil companies in Sweden, Poland and in other EU countries
  • Designing contracts and company statutes
  • Advising in the process of shaping corporate governance in companies (management board, supervisory board, audit committee, general shareholders meeting)
  • Creating regulations of the management board, supervisory board, general shareholders meeting
  • Ongoing corporate consultancy (meetings and resolutions of the management board, supervisory board, shareholders, general shareholders meetings)
  • Investment agreements and agreements between shareholders
  • Recording of corporate events in commercial registry courts
  • Legal disputes of a corporate nature.

We offer qualified legal advice on all legal and commercial issues that arise in a company’s ongoing operations and possess wide-ranging expertise in both industry practices and commercial agreements and provide solutions to the challenges that may arise concerning legal and commercial issues. We got experience with many Swedish, Polish and international companies resulting in our solutions being applicable and practical.