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In these economically volatile times, strategic vision is more important than ever. We bring together the fields of law, accounting, finance and marketing helping our customers to achieve organisational goals. We provides business leaders with innovative business strategy consulting services that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. We work closely with clients to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organization. We provide industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, operations planning, accounting, strategic financial planning along with legal and tax advisory.

Brand strategy

A brand isn’t static. Its performance changes over time as consumer preferences shift, new channels appear and competition piles into the market. Beyond that, overall performance figures can obscure underlying conditions. For instance, a brand’s rise might be unsustainably fad-driven; a decline might be due to a failure to recognize pockets of opportunity.

So brands require ongoing care. To keep them vibrant, brand owners need an appropriate overall architecture. They also must make resource allocations, track brand performance against competitors, evaluate the strategy against results and periodically re-evaluate the desired market position. At the same time, each business decision has to stay true to the brand’s values, consumers and promises.

Organizational effectiveness

Our strategy consulting services can help you tap the full potential of your workforce. We offer deep expertise and experience in organizational design, including leading-edge solutions such as global business services and centres of excellence; as well as innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management, and other aspects of workforce development.

Legal and Tax

We provide commercial and tax law advisory services to our clients, we aim at optimising tax planning for our multinational clients but we can also advice on a optimal and efficient tax structure for companies with expansion plans or in a current expansion phase.

From strategy to execution

Our strategy consulting services help business leaders not only to formulate winning strategies, but also to execute against those strategies. With deep experience and expertise in business transformation and process improvement, we can work closely with you to build a compelling business case for change, devise a detailed implementation roadmap, efficiently and effectively manage the change process, and measure progress against relevant metrics.