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We offer the accounting services you need and advice that you understand.

The revenue and expense ledger is an offer addressed to people running their own business. Every entrepreneur realizes that accounting, which is an indispensable element of the company’s operation, is in addition to data input, also huge knowledge, constituting the success of the business. The outsourced accounting we offer will help you, among other things:

  • avoid the mistakes of so-called self-accounting and its consequences,
  • make decisions that will have a positive impact on the company’s financial results,
  • reduce operating costs,
  • increase work efficiency.

In addition, external accounting also means security, access to full and current knowledge and advanced capabilities. The specialized tools provided by us support economic decision making, which makes the cost related to outsourced accounting an investment. Our goal, in addition to accounting customer service, is, above all, close cooperation with the entrepreneur. Our consultations on the development of the company’s business provide a sense of security, and a maximally simplified form of contact with an accounting office allows to minimize possible communication problems.

As part of our cooperation, our clients gain access to:

  • a program allowing for the electronic transmission of accounting documents
  • an accounting program that allows issuing invoices and sales adjustments
  • a newsletter presenting significant and current changes in tax law.

The convenience of handling individual accounting processes, comfort of cooperation, mutua trust and the highest quality of services we provide will allow you to focus on developing your own business, leaving us with accounting and tax issues. The awareness that the entrepreneur is not an accountant mobilizes us to always be one step ahead.

Details of the offer:

  • Choosing the right legal form
  • Keeping the revenue and expense ledger
  • Calculating the advance payment for income tax
  • Preparing and sending a Uniform Control File (it is a set of information about business transactions sent to the tax office on a monthly basis)
  • Calculating the costs of using vehicles on the basis of the so-called “Kilometr√≥wka” (mileage register)
  • Records of value-added tax and submission of periodic value-added tax returns
  • Appearance on your behalf before state administration authorities
  • Settlement of purchase and sale transactions from the European Union and other countries
  • Keeping settlements with ZUS (Social Security Office)
  • Messages with a reminder regarding the payment of income tax and social security contributions
  • Messages with information about changes in the law that apply to you
  • Annual tax declarations
  • Transforming your business model into other economic entities