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In order to meet the needs of partnerships and capital companies, our accounting office offers you the keeping of full books of commercial law companies in accordance with the Accounting Act. As part of the bookkeeping, we perform activities related, among others, to the establishment and maintenance of commercial books, accounting consulting and tax issues.

Our accounting office is created by a team of experienced specialists in the field of accounting, audit and taxes. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized entities making foreign transactions. Knowledge and experience allow us to give our clients a full picture of their company, which in the form of specialized reports, becomes an effective tool supporting business decision making.

Deciding to cooperate with us, in addition to full support, consultancy and handling of commercial ledgers, you receive a number of technological tools enabling the transmission of documents, issuing invoices and sales corrections, as well as access to changes in law and taxes that are important to you.

Entrusting us with the accounting service of your company gives you:

  • savings associated with the purchase of software and licenses of accounting software
  • protection of the company from the effects of accounting errors
  • the possibility to focus on the company’s core business
  • time savings due to the availability of a lawyer and tax advisors

We realize that there is no room for bad decisions in business.

The basic scope of the offer:

  • Comprehensive bookkeeping
  • Keeping records of value-added tax and periodical submission of tax declarations
  • Calculation of the monthly base and advance payment for corporate income tax (CIT) and preparation of annual tax declarations
  • Dispatch of a Uniform Control File (JPK)
  • Preparation of accounting and financial reports, balance sheet, profit and loss account in Polish, English and Swedish
  • Settlement of company cars on the basis of the provided mileage register
  • Preparation of financial statements in Polish, English and Swedish